If you are going to truly stand out, you need to plan for success in all areas of life. If all of your goals are health-related, you’ll end up, well maybe totally frustrated, or with an amazing body but no depth of character or career.

If you focus solely on your career, you may wake up to find your family falling apart or your health failing.

But if you make goals across all domains of life, you keep working on that balance. It’s amazing how much progress you make if you don’t ignore everything for the sake of something else.

Thanks to my mentor Michael Hyatt, I set goals every year for growth in vocational, intellectual, emotional, social, physical, financial, marital, parental, spiritual and avocational—or hobby—areas. It really does make me do a check-up in each area instead of putting out fires as they pop up.

I find I’m less stressed and more able to give to others when the opportunity arises.

Michael Hyatt’s book, Your Best Year Ever, is a great resource for you if you’re struggling in this area.

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